Mobifoto Mobilite 3.5 for Smart Phones

Article number: MOBIRL3C
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3.5 inch LED Ring Light
Universal Phone Mount
Two Flexible Arms
Soft Padded Clamp

Stabilize your phone and light simply by clamping to any surface. The Mobilite 3.5 Clip provides endless angles to choose from so your lighting for vlogging, video calls and selfies will be perfect anywhere, every time. Two flexible arms let you customize your phone and lighting positioning to your exact needs. Three step colour temperature light control.

3.5" LED Ring Light with adjustable brightness and colour temperature
USB powered and can be plugged in to laptops, computers, power banks or USB wall chargers
Universal phone mount works with all modern smartphones up to 6.8" screen sizes
Flexible arms for both the light and mount allow you to customize the positioning and lighting to your exact needs
Soft padded clamp allows you to mount the Mobilite on to any desk or surface without damaging your furniture
The clamp stabilizes the mount and light to insure shake free recording at all times

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