ProMaster 100SL Speedlight Canon

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The PROMASTER 100SL for Canon sports a full complement of advanced features in a small form factor. Its hybrid design gives you the option of an LED light for videos or flash for still photos. The 100SL is well-balanced so it 'just feels right' on your camera while throwing a flattering quality of light towards your subject. Use it in a wireless flash system as a master or slave unit. You can even use the 100SL to remotely fire your camera!
The 100SL for Canon features include:
+ LED light for videography
+ Remote camera triggering
+ Swivel and bounce
+ 22 levels of light output control
+ HSS high-speed sync
+ Thermal cut-off protection
+ Quick release camera connection
+ Wireless Master/Slave TTL functionality
+ 1st and 2nd curtain sync
+ Stroboscopic mode
+ Flash exposure bracketing

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